Vietnam to boost tuna exports to Israel

( Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam are top 3 largest suppliers of tuna to Israel. According to the ITC, as of Jun 2016, tuna imports into Israel totaled over US$37 million, in which, imports from Thailand hit US$10.8 million, imports from Philiipines hit US$8 million and imports from Vietnam reached nearly US$7 million.

Ocean tuna, skipjack tuna and canned striped tuna in airtight containers (HS code 160414) took up the largest proportion of 69.7-87% of total tuna imports into Israel.

In 2015, Vietnam exported 5 main items to Israel, including yellowfin tuna (HS code 030232), albacore tuna (HS code 030341), yellowfin tuna (HS code 030342), Thunnus tuna, skipjack tuna or striped tuna (HS code 030487) and ocean tuna, canned skipjack tuna and striped tuna in airtight containers (HS code 160414).

Out of top leading tuna sellers to Israel (Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and China), tuna supply from Vietnam was the most diversified, while Thailand and China mainly exported processed tuna (HS code 160414).

Vietnam has much room to export its tuna products to Israel. Vietnamese enterprises are investing technology to process tuna and boosting exports of processed tuna (HS code 4160414) to the market.

Written by Ta Ha

Compiled by Dieu Thuy


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