Tuna exports to Tunisia increased dramatically

(seafood.vasep.com.vn) In the early 2017, Vietnam's tuna exports to Tunisia grew impressively, export value as of Feb 15th 2017 reached US$999 thousand, up 1.047% over the same period 2016. With this growth, Tunisia rose to become the 8th largest importer of Vietnam tuna.

In the context of saturated US and EU canned tuna consumption, Tunisia has become a potential alternative export market. In 2015, Vietnam's tuna exports to the market fell by 70% compared to 2014. In contrast, in 2016, canned tuna exports of Vietnam increased by 189% compared to 2015, accounting for more than 98% of the total export value to the market, reaching US$ 6.2 million.

Exports of all tuna products of Vietnam to the market increased compared to 2015. Canned tuna continued to be the main item of Vietnam exported to this market. The export value of this item in 2016 reached US$6.2 million, up 189% over 2015. It was followed by live/fresh/ frozen and dried tuna, reaching US$92 thousand.

According to ITC statistics, tuna imports into Tunisia in 2015  reached 17 thousand MT in 2015, worth US$ 24 million, down 24% in volume and 22% in value over 2014.

Contrary to the tuna import trend of Vietnam, Tunisia mainly imported frozen skipjack tuna (HS0303) (except for tuna loin/fillets) from countries, accounting for 64% of the country's total tuna imports. Next was canned tuna processed (HS16), accounting for 23%.

In 2015, Tunisia imported tuna from 17 countries around the world. In particular, Ghana, Thailand, India, New Zealand, France and Vietnam are the six leading exporters of tuna to Tunisi. Ghana's tuna products accounted for 42.4% of Tunisa's tuna imports, Thailand with 21.4%, India accounted for 13.4%, New Zealand accounted for 5.6%, France with 3%. , 4% and Vietnam accounted for 2.4%.

For canned tuna products, Thailand and Vietnam were the two largest exporters. In 2015, Tunisia's canned tuna consumption decreased, which affected the exports of these products from suppliers to Tusinia. In particular, exports of canned tuna from Thailand and Vietnam decreased by 40% and 73%, respectively. In general, canned tuna products of Vietnam mainly compete with Thai products.

Meanwhile, exports of frozen skipjack tuna (HS0303) from ASEAN countries, such as Thailand and Vietnam were modest. Ghana, India are leading exporters of this product to the market.

Tunisia's frozen skipjack imports are expected to continue to grow. Therefore, Vietnamese enterprises can promote exports of this product to Tunisia. However, they should pay attention to the price to increase competitiveness.





Variations (%)

Frozen skipjack tuna (HS0303, ext fillet, loin)




Canned processed tuna (HS16)




Live/fresh/ frozen and chilled tuna








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