Japan highly appreciates tuna from Vietnam

(seafood.vasep.com.vn) The cargo of 5 tunas (volume of nearly 230 kg) originated from Binh Dinh province, Vietnam and caught under Japanese techniques have been auctioned successfully in Sakai city (Osaka Prefecture, Japan) by Japan-based Kato Hitoshi General Office Co. Ltd. The average auction price of Vietnam tuna is higher than that of tuna from many countries in the Asian region.

This is the second cargo of Vietnam shipped to Japan to auction. The quality of Vietnam tuna are increasingly appreciated in the comparison with other countries in the region.

The event is in the framework of “the project of tuna catching, preserving, purchasing, exporting in chain” under the assistance of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

In the auction in Sakai city on Mar 22 2016, tuna caught in Wakayama Prefecture are auctioned with the highest price of JPY2,500/kg; the average price of Taiwanese tuna was JPY1,600/kg; tuna from Indonesia was quoted at JPY1,350/kg; the price of Thailand tuna reached the lowest level of JPY450/kg.

The average price of tuna from Binh Dinh, Vietnam at the auction was JPY1,380/kg (VND270,000/kg). The highest price of Vietnam tuna was reported at JPY1,600/kg because these tuna products are fresh and eye-catching with its red color meat.

In the late 2015, JICA supported 25 tuna catching equipments for 25 fishermen who have their vessels joining in the project.

Compiled by Kim Thu


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