Improve Ca Mau shrimp brand and boost export markets

( Shrimp production and processing is one of the key industries of Ca Mau province. With this strength, Ca Mau province has developed strategies to maximize its potential in order to develop its brand and promote export markets.
Improve Ca Mau shrimp brand and boost export markets
Improve Ca Mau shrimp brand and boost export markets

According to statistics, shrimp processing and production brought Ca Mau about 1 billion USD, but mainly only vannamei shrimp, while black tiger shrimp, organic shrimp and organic shrimp still had a big room to dominate the market.

According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Ca Mau province, the province has more than 280,000 hectares of shrimp production, accounting for about 40% of the nationwide shrimp farming area. The annual harvest is estimated at 180,000-200,000 tons, accounting for about one-third of the country's shrimp export value. In 2020, Ca Mau's shrimp export turnover will reach about 1.2 billion USD, exported to 90 countries and territories. Ca Mau province determined that shrimp plays a very important role in the closed socio-economic development chain, including the development of seafood processing and export; branding and tourism development in Ca Mau; application of high-tech agricultural development technology, raising the value of agricultural products. Therefore, leaders of Ca Mau province have many policies to attract businesses to invest in this field.

Mr. Chau Cong Bang, Deputy Director of Ca Mau Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, shared that out of the total shrimp production area in the province, the area of ​​organic shrimp production in mangroves is about 80,000ha, and organic shrimp under shrimp-rice model is about 50,000ha, improved extensive shrimp about 153,000ha, intensive shrimp about 8,500ha, including about 3,000ha of super-intensive shrimp. With this potential, the shrimp industry has brought Ca Mau about 1 billion USD annually.

Despite holding a great strength in the shrimp industry nationwide, the Ca Mau shrimp production, processing and export industry is still holding a small market share in the world market. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the global shrimp market is currently worth about 40 billion USD. Among them, the shrimp trade value is estimated at 28 billion USD, mainly the consumption of vannamei shrimp. Therefore, black tiger shrimp, organic shrimp and organic shrimp still have a lot of room to dominate the market.

Mr. Le Van Quang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Minh Phu Seafood Corporation, assessed that the shrimp industry in the country in general and the shrimp industry in Ca Mau in particular should be properly assessed for its potential and strengths. Currently, in addition to the strength of high-quality shrimp, diversification of raw shrimp lines and processed product lines, there is also the strength of the country's shrimp processing technology, as well as the ability to apply processing technology into shrimp production of Ca Mau enterprises.

Thanks to these strengths, despite responding to the COVID-19 epidemic, while focusing on socio-economic development, Ca Mau shrimp processing and exporting enterprises have joined with farmers to increase seafood export turnover of Ca Mau in the first 4 months of 2021 to $240 million, up more than 13% over the same period last year.

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