Vietnam's marine product exports increased in January

( According to statistics of Vietnam Customs, in January 2021, the export turnover of marine products of Vietnam reached 221.6 million USD (excluding tuna), all product groups increased compared to the same period of 2020.

Vietnams marine product exports increased in January

Vietnam's pineapple-cut cuttlefish product

Specifically, the exports of marine fish of all kinds (except tuna) achieved a turnover of more than US $154.37 million, up by 46%; the group of cephalopod products got an export turnover of US$43.77 million, increasing by 20%; group of crabs and other crustaceans reached about 12.81 million USD, up by 43%; bivalve mollusks reached a turnover of $9.23 million, rising by 3%; other mollusks reached more than US$1.4 million, an increase of 815% over the same period in 2020.

The top 5 import markets for Vietnamese cephalopod in January were Korea, Japan, Thailand, China - Hong Kong, Italy with turnover of 17.7 million USD, 9.2 million USD, 4.8 million USD, 2.6 million USD and 1.7 million USD respectively

The top 5 crab import markets of Vietnam in January were the US, China - Hong Kong, Japan, France, and South Korea with the turnover of 4.5 million USD, 2.9 million USD, 2.5 million USD, 0.7 million USD, 0.5 million USD in that order.

It’s expected that 2021, the Covid-19 epidemic in the markets will be controlled and the demand for marine products is expected to be recovered.

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