Signed a contract for sustainable shrimp production and consumption in accordance with the ASC standard

( WWF Vietnam has cooperated with Soc Trang Fisheries Sub-Department to hold the signing ceremony on sustainable shrimp production and consumption to meet the shrimp farming practice in accordance with ASC standard between UT XI Aquatic Products Processing Corporation and Toan Thang Cooperative (Vinh Chau Town).

According to Mr. Nguyen Hoang Nha, Deputy General Director of UT XI Aquatic Products Processing Corporation, in order to meet the demand of ASC certified shrimp in the market, the agency and Toan Thang cooperative have cooperated to set up the sustainable shrimp farming, processing and exporting chain. As consumers not only require high quality products, packaging and eye-catching designs but also products with clear traceability, clean products and having environmental and social impacts.

In fact, BAP certification (in the U.S) and ASC (in the European market) are the two certificates that consumers worldwide recognized; especially ASC certification. Therefore, if linking the ASC shrimp production chain signed between the agency and the cooperative is successful, it will helps farmers to consume more shrimp after harvesting.

In addition to signing the contract, the agency is committed to supporting the full cost of certification under the ASC standard for all cooperative members and purchasing shrimp at higher prices of VND2,500 per kg as well as cash assistance for the cooperative with VND 100 million per year to maintain the certification.

"The signing between UT XI Aquatic Products Processing Corporation and Toan Thang Cooperative is a big turning point in the chain of producing quality shrimp for exports to challenging markets, and it will help shrimp farmers increase profits on the same farming area. In this way, we suggest that members of the two parties sign the contract to fulfill the contractual commitments so that the cooperation can be sustainable", said Deputy Director of the Fisheries Sub-Department, Ms. Quach Thi Thanh Binh.