Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP) is a non-governmental organization, based on the principles of voluntary, autonomy and equality. VASEP members include leading Vietnamese seafood producers and exporters with companies providing services in seafood sector. Based on mutual supports, the association was established on June 12th 1998 to coordinate and link enterprises operations, to improve value, quality and competitive capacity of Vietnamese seafood, to enhance source of raw material for seafood export, to represent and to protect legal interests of members. 

Plenary meeting of VASEP members in 2020

VASEP members include enterprises of all economic forms, administrative agencies and authorities in seafood exporting and processing sectors of Vietnam, accepting VASEP rules and charter, voluntarily joining the association and approved by executive committee. Most of VASEP members are prestige seafood producers and exporters, representing  80% of the total seafood exports of Vietnam; the other are service enterprises.


  • Support members to improve capacity, quality and effectiveness in their business, create raw material sources, open markets and strengthen competitiveness of Vietnam seafood products, contribute to development of Vietnam fisheries.
  • Establish and develop linkage forms and coordinate members’ activities based on voluntary and mutual interests; organize common events, facilitating mutual understanding and communication, aiming to create a goodwill relationship between members.
  • Protect legal interests of the association and members; represent members to send government and state authorities the proposals and petitions on development of seafood processing and import-exporting.
  • Develop members, infrastructure and expand operating scope of the association; establish and develop international relations.


With the main role of supporting the development of Vietnam’s seafood industry, VASEP has been performing the following activities: 

  • Enhance and develop of relationships between members;
  • Establish linkage with farmers and fishermen;
  • Establish seafood committees and enhance activities of each committee;
  • To be a bridge between members with state authorities; timely tackle members' petitions, share ideas and guide members to implement State policies;
  • Establish and develop international relationship through activities such as hosting and taking part in industry seminars, global projects, forums and dialogues; Issue foreign publications;
  • Provide updated market information to members through information portal: www.vasep.com.vn in two versions: English and Vietnamese, through publications by VASEP, such as Seafood Trade Newsletter (weekly issue), Report on Vietnam Seafood Export (quarterly); Report on Vietnam seafood main products for 10 years and Report on seafood international market for 10 years.
  • Provide information on seafood processors and exporters through publications of VASEP Members Directory and Seafood Processors Map and others;  
  • Build database, regularly improve association’s websites, helping members to search updated information easily;
  • Coordinate with relevant state agencies and partners to organize a variety of local seminars, conferences, events and other services for seafood enterprises and aquaculture farmers, seek and discuss effective solutions to control quality, create raw material and promote production and export;
  • Coordinate with partners to organize a variety of local seminars, conferences events at foreign exhibitions to introduce and broadcast Vietnam seafood images; 
  • Launch seafood trade promotion and export market expansion; 
  • Annually organize Vietnam Fisheries International Exhibition (Vietfish);
  • Provide training courses, supporting members to create and develop human resources;
  • Consult and give social critics in making and implementing state policies;
  • Introduce partners to members.

Most of VASEP members have reached industrial standards and represent over 80% of total of   enterprises allowed to export to EU market.

VASEP is the affiliate of those organizations:

We and our member companies welcome all partners to cooperate with Vietnam fisheries. VASEP is the trustful address for trading and non- trading exchange as well as cooperation opportunities based on mutual interests.

VASEP office in Ho Chi Minh city


VASEP office in Ha Noi


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