One of the main activities of VASEP since its foundation is organizing short-term training courses to support for seafood busineses. 

The training actitivities implemented by VASEP are becoming more and more professional. Up to now, VASEP is considered as one of the reputed training organization in fishery industry. Courses introduced by VASEP are considered highly practical.

Every year, VASEP deploy training in 15-20 different topics; performing 30-40 in- house and public training courses, with the participation of 1,000 to 1,500 people.

VASEP is willing to cooperate with competent organizations and individuals to develop a network of experts. The Training Department has established a cooperation network with more than 20 organizations and 40 individuals in Vietnam such as National Universities and Associations and from over the world including the US University of California, University of Georgia in the US, USFDA, ACC /GAA, WWF, VCCI, VIAC, TOEIC VN, MSC and so on.

As a frequent and direct contact to businesses and individuals in fishery industry, VASEP positively contributes to raise businesses’ awareness of regulations and global markets while actively supports the industry improving skills and knowledge to meet the increasingly strict requirements of the market and customers.

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