With a coastline of over 3,260 km and an exclusive economic zone of over 1 million km2, the marine resources of Vietnam's waters are considered to be very rich and diverse, with more than 2,000 marine species.

Group of pelagic fish, mainly tuna species: frigate mackerel, bullet tuna, eastern little tuna, longtail tuna, skipjack tuna, yellowfin tuna, bigeye tuna...

The estimated annual catch of yellowfin and bigeye tuna is 30.5 thousand tons; skipjack and inshore tuna group is 313 thousand tons.

Tuna is a species of high economic value and dominates in the production of marine species of Vietnam.

In the past 6 years (2015 - 2021), tuna has been one of Vietnam's key export seafood products. Tuna export value increased more than 1.6 times from 455 million USD to more than 759 million USD. The proportion of tuna in Vietnam's total seafood exports has always remained at 21-22%. The main exported tuna species of Vietnam include yellowfin tuna, bigeye tuna, skipjack tuna...

Over the years, Vietnamese tuna products have been exported to 142 markets around the world. The top 5 main import markets include the US, EU, ASEAN, Israel and Japan, accounting for about 80% of Vietnam's total tuna export value. In which, the US and EU respectively maintain the position of the largest and second largest tuna export market of Vietnam.


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