( In the late 2015, Vietnam's tuna exports to the U.S. showed a decline. However, the total tuna exports to the U.S. in 2015 of Vietnam reached over US$190 million, up 8.5% compared to 2014. The U.S. remained to be the largest importer of Vietnam tuna.

( In 2015, Vietnam tuna exports to Italy saw the decrease. Howerver, in the early 2016, tuna exports to the market have recovered.

( With ocean tuna capture production of 17,000 MT, Vietnamese enterprises import an additional of 5,000 MT of ocean tuna for processing each year.

( Total value of Vietnam's tuna imports from countries in 2015 recorded US$214.9 million, an increase of 16.8% compared to 2014. Imports of most tuna products are rising, especially raw tuna.

( Tuna fishermen in the central coastal province of Binh Dinh came back to shore with a bountiful catch of tuna after nearly a month offshore.

( Eight ocean tuna caught by fishermen from the central province of Binh Dinh, Vietnam, were recently auctioned in Japan. A 39kg tuna sold for the highest price of 1,600 yen/kg, earning nearly $600.

( In the last 2 years, Egypt and other countries in the Middle East have been a new destination for tuna from Southeast Asia.

( Vietnam tuna exports to Spain increased in the first 4 months of 2015, followed by a decline in the next 4 months and gained back again in September. Through September, Spain was Vietnam’s second largest importing market for tuna in the EU.

( Vietnam's tuna export to Italy dropped steadily from the beginning of 2015 till September. According to statistics from Vietnam Customs, the country earned over US$ 1.9 million from tuna exports in September only, about 6 times as much as last year's result. However, tuna exports through September declined 39% year on year to over US$ 9.5 million.

( In the past 5 years, Vietnam tuna exports to Canada are increasingly high. Canada is one of 10 leading tuna consumers of Vietnam as well as the 14th largest tuna consumer of the world. However, so far this year, Vietnam tuna exports to the market have seen ebbs and flows.

( Vietnam tuna exports in August 2015 continued to post a year-on-year reduction of nearly 10% to reach US$39.8 million. The figure in the first 8 months of the year hit US$303.5 million, down 7% year on year. The decline was attributable to lower demand from main importing market and year-on-year drop in global tuna price.

( On 1st September 2015, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) issued Decision No. 3562 on tuna management plan.

At a working session on August 15 with Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee, Le Van Truc, director of The Japanese Hokugan Ltd Company, Kawahira Manabu expressed their intention to build a tuna processor in the central coastal province of Phu Yen in the near future. Designed capacity would be 1,800 MT/month.

( In the first 7 months of 2015, Vietnam's tuna exports reached nearly US$ 264 million, down nearly 7% over the same period of 2014. Exports has not recovered as demand in EU markets and Japan remained low. Canned tuna exports grew but it was not sufficient to offset the decline in other tuna products.

( After over 2 years of negotiation, Vietnam and EU reached agreement. The EU-Vietnam FTA will eliminate nearly all tariffs (over 99%), except for a small number of tariff lines for which the EU and Vietnam agreed on partial liberalization through zero-duty Tariff Rate Quotas (TRQs). Accordingly, canned tuna from Vietnam will need 7 years to be completely tax-free when imported into the EU. Does the long journey worth it?


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