Vietnam tuna exports down in Jan-Feb 2016

( In Feb 2016, Vietnam tuna exports reached nearly US$24 million, down 21% year on year. The cumulative figure in the first two months of 2016 hit US$60.7 million, down 4% from the same period of 2015 (US$63.3 million).

As of Feb 2016, tuna catching reaped high yieldings thanks to lower fuel price and now is on the northern fishing season.

In Jan-Feb 2016, tuna production in three main producing provinces estimated to reach 2,929 MT in which Phu Yen hit 1,065 MT, down 7.4%; Binh Dinh with 1,370 MT, equal to the same period of 2015; Khanh Hoa with 494 MT, up 4.3% year on year.

The U.S.

After the growth in tuna sales in the first month of 2016, Vietnam tuna exports to the U.S. reported a year-on-year slump in Feb 2016. Tuna sales to the market in Feb 2016 hit US$8.6 million, down 36% from Feb 2015 (US$13.4 million) and occupying 36% of the total exports.

In Jan-Feb 2016, Vietnam tuna shipment to the U.S. touched US$21.5 million, lower than that of Jan-Feb 2015.


Vietnam tuna exports to EU in Feb showed the recovery with US$7.3 million, up 7% year on year and making up 31% of the total tuna exports.

The cumulative figure in Jan-Feb 2016 reached over US$15 million, down 11.5% year on year.

Until Feb 2016, Italy claimed the top position in importing Vietnam tuna in the EU bloc with the three-digit growth. Belgium outstripped the Netherlands to hold the third rank.


In Feb 2016, Vietnam tuna sales to ASEAN countries reported the year-on-year growth of 99% with the value of US$2.7 million. The figure in the first 2 months of the year reached US$6.9 million, up 11% year on year.

Vietnam tuna exports to Thailand (the largest importer of Vietnam tuna in the ASEAN bloc) achieved US$1.9 million, up 90% year on year. However, the figure in Jan-Feb downed 13.7%.


Vietnam tuna exports to Japan in Feb 2016 increased by 28% to touch more than US$1 million. However, the value in Jan-Feb 2016 downed 20%.


Vietnam tuna exports in March 2016 are expected to post a slight growth thanks to higher demand from European importers because the quota of 20,000 thousand MT of frozen cooked tuna fillet/loin with duty exemption are remained.

Written by Nguyen Ha

Compiled by Kim Thu


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