Canada – a new destination for Vietnam tuna exporters

( In the past 5 years, Vietnam tuna exports to Canada are increasingly high. Canada is one of 10 leading tuna consumers of Vietnam as well as the 14th largest tuna consumer of the world. However, so far this year, Vietnam tuna exports to the market have seen ebbs and flows.

Vietnam tuna sales to Canada in August 2015 reported tremendous surge while exports of the item to other leading markets fell down. Tuna sales in the month watched year-on-year increase of 61% to reach US$1.4 million. However, tuna sales in the first 8 months of the year hit US$6.1 million, down 27.6% year on year due to reduction in export revenue of previous months.

Canada imports mainly dried/frozen/live/fresh tuna from Vietnam, accounting for 80% of Vietnam’s total tuna exports to the market with value of US$5 million. In which tuna loin took the largest proportion of 61% with the value of US$3.8 million.

Through June 2015, Canada imported nearly 19.6 thousand of MT, worth by US$91.6 million, up 15% in volume and 7% in value.

Canada mainly consumes canned tuna. The statistics from International Trade Center (ITC) showed that imports of canned tuna into Canada in Jan-Jun 2015 touched US$76 million, occupying 83% of total tuna import value. Canada is raising importing the item while the market reduced importing dried/frozen/live/fresh tuna (except for tuna loin).

According to ITC, Canada imports tuna from 53 suppliers in the world in which Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam are leading ones. Thailand is the largest tuna supplier to Canada with its market share of 84%, followed by Philippines and Vietnam with the market share of 4% and 2.6%, respectively. So far this year, tuna imports into Canada from Vietnam reported a year-on-year drop while imports from almost suppliers out of top 10 leading suppliers to Canada reported the increase.

In the last months of this year, Vietnam tuna exports to Canada are expected to report a year-on-year growth. 


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