Bumper off-season tuna

(vasep.com.vn) It is not the season for tuna catching but vessels are successful thanks to favorable weather.

According to Ms. Mai Kim Thi, Department of Capture Fisheries and Resources Protection of Binh Dinh, tuna seasons end in October (September in lunar calendar). Every year, due to the high water temperature, less fish appears, and if caught, it has low quality. Therefore, fishermen do other jobs this time.

The season normally begins in December (November in lunar calendar), when it is cold. However, currently, thanks to favorable weather, the fishermen in Binh Dinh still go on trips to catch tuna.

“We own 2 vessels. The one with capacity of 420 CV has yielded over 1 MT of tuna on its current trip. Its previous trip brought 2.6 MT. With profit, each member gets VND 11 million, we are very proud. We will upgrade the other ship from 380 CV to 800 CV as this will be a bumper season.”, said Mr. Van Cong Viet, 50-year-old fisherman.  

As inventory is low, price becomes higher. Up to 90% of the total of 1000 vessels in Binh Dinh catch tuna, among which 550 vessels are specialized ones. 

Last month, in Hoai Nhon, in a 20 day fishing trip, each vessel yields 2 MT.  


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