November 2021: Vietnam's shrimp exports to the EU increased by over 86%

( According to Customs statistics, in November 2021, shrimp exports of the country increased by 16% to over 366 million USD. In which, exports to major markets increased sharply: to the US increased by 24%, to Korea increased by 19% and the most breakthrough was to the EU market, up 86%. By the end of November 2021, the country's shrimp exports reached 3.55 billion USD, up 3.4% over the same period in 2020.

November 2021 Vietnams shrimp exports to the EU increased by over 86

By the end of November, shrimp exports to the EU, increased by 16% to US$548 million and accounted for 15.4% of the country's total shrimp exports. In which, the three largest importing countries, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, account for 69% of Vietnam's shrimp imports into the EU.

In November alone, shrimp exports to the EU reached 66.5 million USD, an increase of 86.4%, of which exports of most member countries had a breakthrough: to the Netherlands increased by 47%, to Germany increased by 87% and to Belgium increased by 118%. In addition, shrimp exports to some other markets in the bloc also increased spectacularly such as to France by 161%, to Denmark by 99%, to Sweden by 196%, to Italy by 123%...

Vietnamese shrimp are imported to Europe through nearly 80 ports. In which, imports through the port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands accounted for the highest proportion of nearly 23%, followed by the port of Hamburg, Germany accounted for over 14% of customs clearance, and the port of Antwerp (Belgium) accounted for over 12.2% of the clearance.

In November 2021, whiteleg shrimp exports to the EU increased by 82% to over US$51 million, while black tiger shrimp exports increased sharply by 158% to US$12.6 million. By the end of November 2021, whiteleg shrimp exports to the EU reached 437 million USD, up 16%, accounting for 80% and black tiger shrimp exports increased 31% to 87 million USD, accounting for 16%.

In the EU, Vietnam is a leading supplier of steamed/boiled vannamei shrimp and other products to supermarkets, due to the long experience in the processing industry and many ASC certified products. Vietnam is the world's largest producer of black tiger shrimp and the second largest exporter of black tiger shrimp to Europe. In contrast to black tiger shrimp from Bangladesh, a lot of black tiger shrimp from Vietnam is brought into supermarkets and high-end food service markets of Europe. The main reason is that there are already a significant number of ASC certified black tiger shrimp producers in Vietnam, so these producers can access markets where ASC certification is required. In these markets, Vietnamese exporters face little or no competition.

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