CJ Vina Agri and Thong Thuan Co., Ltd cooperate to develop the shrimp farming industry

(seafood.vasep.com.vn) The two sides have just signed a strategic cooperation agreement to contribute to the development of the shrimp value chain, from seed to table, raising the level of the Vietnamese shrimp.

Having strengths in shrimp seed production, commercial shrimp farming, and seafood processing for export, Thong Thuan Co., Ltd is committed to providing high-quality shrimp seed to CJ Vina Agri's customers and prioritizing the use of shrimp feed from CJ Vina Agri in their farming areas. At the same time, the two parties will support each other in the progress of expanding shrimp export markets abroad.

CJ Vina Agri and Thong Thuan cooperate to develop the shrimp farming industry
CJ Vina Agri and Thong Thuan signed the cooperation memorandum

Thong Thuan Co., Ltd currently owns 7 production areas, more than 100 shrimp hatcheries with Global GAP and ACC certificates with an output of more than 5 billion PL (post-larvae) a year, together with advanced farming technology and successful use of probiotics in high-quality shrimp farming. Meanwhile, CJ Vina Agri Co., Ltd. possesses strengths in aquafeed, especially shrimp feed. "The cooperation will open up a lot of opportunities for development for the two parties, bringing benefits to farming households in particular as well as the Vietnamese shrimp industry in general," a representative of CJ Vina Agri shared.

CJ Vina Agri and Thong Thuan cooperate to develop the shrimp farming industry
The agreement will open up many new opportunities for an extensive and sustainable cooperation between the two parties

Over the past 20 years, the shrimp industry has always played an important role in Vietnam's seafood exports, contributing about 40-45% of the total seafood export value, equivalent to 3.5-4 billion USD. The export growth rate has been stable, averaging 5% a year for the past 5 years. Therefore, Mr. Kang Min Soo - General Director of CJ Vina Agri's animal feed industry believes that Vietnam's aquafeed industry still has a lot of potential for development. Shrimp feed will be one of the key industries of the company in the future.

Mr. Kang added: "We want to choose great like-minded partners to accompany us. Therefore, this cooperation is a cooperation between two large units with similar development strategies. livestock production in a modern and sustainable direction, especially in the fisheries sector, both sides have many strengths.

"I believe and hope that, through this strategic cooperation, the two sides will jointly develop a stronger and more competitive shrimp farming industry not only in the country but also in export markets," Mr. Kang Min Soo emphasized.

CJ Vina Agri belongs to CJ Group of Korea. In 1999, CJ invested in Vietnam with the first animal feed factory in Long An. By 2020, CJ Vina Agri has expanded its scale to 7 feed mills across Vietnam, reaching a total capacity of 2 million tons a year.

For the aquaculture industry, especially the shrimp farming industry, the subsidiary develops a variety of specialized products. From understanding the behavior and nutritional needs of each stage, the company has designed the optimal formula for the product with the goal of fast growth and good disease resistance. For example, long-term conditioner technology helps to ensure that the shrimp feed pellets are cooked, and the shrimp are well absorbed. The TWIN-EP system and high-grade fishmeal help shrimps with good digestion, stability, and fast growth. At the same time, the package of Probiotics & Krill Meal technology helps to protect the intestinal tract and stimulate shrimp to catch natural prey.

CJ Vina Agri and Thong Thuan cooperate to develop the shrimp farming industry
CJ Vina Agri's Aquafeed is highly appreciated for helping the seed grow quickly with a high disease resistance

With a breakthrough showing the spirit of readiness to overcome all challenges, in 2021, CJ Vina Agri continuously won prestigious awards such as Fast500 (Top 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam) - 496/500, PROFIT500 (Top 500 Most Profitable Enterprises in Vietnam) - ranked 31/500, Top 100 Favorite Employers, VNR500 (Top 500 Largest Enterprises in Vietnam) - Ranked 83/500 and Top 10 Companies Vietnam's most prestigious animal feed - ranked 3/10.

With the goal of being "The first choice for animal nutrition and health", the unit is committed to making more efforts to contribute to the development of the livestock industry and to contribute to the health values, joy, and convenience of the Vietnamese community.

Compiled by Minh Trang

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