Vietnam exports first batch of canned clam meat to Europe

( On November 22, the first container of canned clam meat from Vietnam was exported to Europe with the quantity of 200,000 boxes.

Vietnam exports first batch of canned clam meat to Europe

This canned clam meat container is in the order for the Spanish market of Lenger Vietnam Seafood Co., Ltd. Accordingly, this order has a total of 2 million boxes (10 containers) and the next containers will be continued to be produced and exported in 2022.

Canned clam meat is produced from clams harvested at clam farms in Nam Dinh province, produced under a strict processing process and quality standards.

Sharing about this event, Mr. Tran Dinh Luan, Director of Directorate of Fisheries, said that this is a very good signal: “Exporting canned clam meat products to Europe shows that we have well controlled the farming area with ASC certified raw material area and a production process that meets the strict requirements of the European market”.

In addition, Mr. Tran Dinh Luan said that this export contract is a positive result thanks to the EVFTA Free Trade Agreement, thereby continuing to expand the market for Vietnam's seafood products.

Also according to the Director of the General Department of Fisheries, mastering this production technology will help the clam farming industry no longer depend too much on the fresh market but can fully take the initiative in the production of raw materials and processing. processing and exporting clam products.

Meanwhile, a representative of Lenger Vietnam Company said that this is the result of the process of building a clam canned meat production line and persistently searching for customers and developing the market.

Over the past time, this company has installed and put into production a line of advanced equipment, complete from receiving raw clams, handling sand and mud cleaning, boiling clams for meat, washing and cleaning clam meat. The finished clams are canned, sterilized and packaged with a capacity of 12 million boxes/year.

After several trials and completion of the production process, samples of canned clam meat were tested by European customers in turn. Up to now, the company has had the first order with a total of 2 million boxes for 2022 (equivalent to 2,000 tons of raw clams).

In addition, the company is also completing the final procedures to bring canned clam meat into hypermarket chains, clean food stores... in the country.

The production and finding export orders for clam meat is said to have contributed to promoting the clam farming industry in Nam Dinh province and the northern coastal provinces, diversifying products processed from clams, increasing sales. export revenue of the country.

In the near future, the company will complete the production line, and actively seek markets and potential customers in Japan, Korea, Russia ... for this canned clam meat product.

Besides, this unit is also researching to make more canned products from clam species being raised in the North, diversifying canned seafood products for export and domestic.

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