Executive and responsible for the content

Mr: Nguyen Hoai Nam

Deputy Secretary General of the Association

Directing implementation

Mr: Truong Dinh Hoe

General Secretary of the Association

Organization of implementation

Le Hang

Deputy Director of VASEP.PRO

Editorial Board

Le Hang

Pseudonym: Le Hang

- Deputy Director of the Center VASEP.PRO

- Chief Editor of Vietnam Seafood Export Report (Quarterly)

Responsible work:

- General direction

- Managing Editor of Quarterly Report on Vietnam Seafood Exports

- Responsible for Trade Statistics and Market Information



Tel: 024. 37715055 - ext.204

Mobile: 0982.195.872

Email: lehang@vasep.com.vn

Kim Thu

Pseudonym: Kim Thu

Managing Editor of Weekly Seafood Trade Newsletter

- Responsible for Shrimp information and data


Tel: 024. 37715055 – ext.203

Mobile: 0977.859.495

Email: kimthu@vasep.com.vn

Bao Ngoc

Pseudonym: Bao Ngoc

Managing Editor of websites: seafood.vasep.com.vn; vasep.com.vn

- Responsible for Vietnam seafood export and import database


Tel: 024. 37715055 - ext. 218

Mobile: 0902.093.777

Email: baongoc@vasep.com.vn

Van Ha

Pseudonym: Van Ha

Responsible for Tuna information and data


Tel: 024. 37715055 - ext. 216

Mobile: 0912 286 878

Email: vanha@vasep.com.vn

Skype: vanha-marketing / YM: vh27183