VietGAP shrimp farming gained high profit

( The productivity of shrimp farming (including black tiger and whiteleg shrimp farming) under VietGAP standard achieved more than 11 MT/ha with the profit of more than VND600 million/ha, approximately 30% higher than traditional farming method.

These are the results gained from the project of black tiger and whiteleg shrimp farming applied VietGAP standards by the National Agricultural Extension Centre, deployed in 13 provinces and cities in Vietnam.

Since 2014, the National Agricultural Extension Centre has worked with the agricultural sector in the 13 provinces and cities nationwide and deployed in 130 farming households with 56 models and 64 ha. Of that, there were 52 models for whiteleg shrimp farming and 4 models for black tiger shrimp farming.

In the framework of the project, nearly 100% of households meet over 80% VietGAP criteria, and reached the productivity of more than 11 MT/ha, with the profit of over VND600 million/ha, up 30% from traditional farming methods.

According to the experts, VietGAP shrimp farming model is an indispensable way to help farmers get high profit and avoid risks of epidemics. However, to get highly efficiency, the seed selection, pond treatment, application of technical progress accordance with water sanitation, as well as daily notes and not using banned substances in farming must be strictly implemented.

Mr. Kim Van Tieu, Deputy Director of the National Agricultural Extension Centre (under MARD), said that the model of VietGAP black tiger and whiteleg shrimp farming helps to reduce diseases, ensure food safety for domestic consumption and exports and this model need to be expanded.

"Survival rate in shrimp farming model under VietGAP is higher with shorter culture time and lower feed conversion ratio, shrimp harvested is larger with better quality and higher selling prices. Purchasing enterprises don’t have to spend much time on checking the quality of shrimp, which reduces costs. In particular, shrimp quality is ensured for exports." he said.

Compiled by Dieu Thuy