Ca Mau: VietGAP certified whiteleg shrimp harvested

This is a sub-project of "Improving productivity and quality of products in Ca Mau province” in the period of 2011 - 2015" project. The whiteleg shrimp farming project is on the area of ​​1 hectare, with density of 60 shrimp/m2, capitalized at nearly VND800 million, in which state budget covers 30%.

After nearly 3 months of farming, 5 MT of shrimp was harvested at 80 shrimps/kg. After 5 months, 9.6 MT of shrimp was harvested at size of 28 piecies/kg, and the selling price was VND230,000 /kg. After 2 harvests, the total yield was 14.6 MT, earning the total revenue of VND 2.5 billion. VND 1.8 billion was the net profit.

The project adopted some VietGAP criteria in intensive whiteleg shrimp farming including hazards systematic management in order to ensure food safety, reduce environmental and ecological impacts, as well as disease control. The application gradually complete technical process for intensive whiteleg shrimp farming under VietGAP standards, creating a habit of keeping farming records from for farmers. Results of the project will be a prerequisite for VietGAP adoption, which is a model for replication across the province. /.