GLOBALG.A.P. Welcomes Minh Phu Seafood Co. as New Single Supplier Member

In 1992, Mr. Le Van Quang, a seafood processing engineer, had a vision of a company that supplies the finest shrimp from Ca Mau, Vietnam to the world. Growing from a small private enterprise, Minh Phu Seafood Corporation is now one of the leading responsible shrimp producing and processing companies in the world.

Today, Minh Phu’s mission is “Sharing Good Food”. To accomplish this mission, Minh Phu synergizes its operations to create “a complete ecosystem for good”. One example of this is the use of polyculture – the farming of shrimp and tilapia together. Pioneered by the Minh Phu Aqua Mekong Research Institution, combining these species reduces disease without the use of chemicals or antibiotics. Another example is Minh Phu’s participation in a mangrove reforestation project, helping to protect and preserve the biodiversity of the Mekong Delta through a premium to qualifying farmers.

Throughout the value chain, Minh Phu is committed to the environmentally and socially responsible production of shrimp and tilapia products based on Good Aquaculture Practices, which include animal health and welfare, as well as food safety considerations as defined in the GLOBALG.A.P. Aquaculture Certification program.

“We at Minh Phu are delighted to join GLOBALG.A.P. as a member. GLOBALG.A.P. provides an overarching framework of responsible practices for Minh Phu operations to follow, which are required by global markets and enhance the recognition of Minh Phu products through the GLOBALG.A.P. number (GGN)”, said Mr. Le Van Quang, founder and CEO of Minh Phu.

“Having a top company from a leading country in the aquaculture sector as a new GLOBALG.A.P. Supplier Member is wonderful news. We welcome Minh Phu on this exciting journey toward sustainable aquaculture”, said Ms. Valeska Weymann, GLOBALG.A.P. Key Account Aquaculture.

Minh Phu has three GLOBALG.A.P. certified facilities: Minh Phu Ninh Thuan Aquatic Larvae Company Limited (hatchery), Minh Phu Kien Giang (whiteleg shrimp farm), and the Minh Phu Seafood Corporation processing facility in Ca Mau.

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