Developing high-tech, closed-loop shrimp farming models

( In super-intensive shrimp farming, technology plays an important and decisive role for success. Bac Lieu province is applying advanced technology to farming models, in order to improve production, quality and towards closed-loop shrimp farming, environmental protection and sustainable development.
Developing hightech closedloop shrimp farming models
Developing high-tech, closed-loop shrimp farming models

Bac Lieu is one of the first provinces of the country to apply high technology to shrimp farming for many years. Up to now, the province has developed many models such as: Super-intensive shrimp farming model in closed house of Viet Uc Group; model of shrimp farming in circular floating tanks of Long Manh Company; sustainable shrimp farming model in earthen ponds of Vinhthinh Biostadt Company; model of shrimp farming in 2 stages with little water change of Truc Anh Biotechnology Co., Ltd; The three-stage shrimp farming model of CP Livestock Joint Stock Company… These are also the models applied by many shrimp farming households in the province. In fact, most of the shrimp farming models applying high technology in Bac Lieu are effective. Currently, Vinhthinh Biostadt Company is applying a sustainable shrimp pond farming model in Bac Lieu and is applied by some high-tech farming households. Or the 2-stage shrimp farming model, shrimp farming in circular floating tanks is followed by many farmers.

The whole province has 15 companies and 467 households implementing high-tech shrimp farming in the direction of super-intensive farming and 2 phases. The average yield is 21.11 tons/ha, there are models up to 30-50 tons/ha in particular. The high-tech model of super-intensive shrimp farming gives productivity an increase of 10-15 times compared to conventional shrimp farming.

In order for the shrimp industry to develop sustainably, according to Mr. Tran Dinh Luan - Director of the General Department of Fisheries (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), besides applying high technology to develop the shrimp industry, localities need to pay attention to reorganize production. , develop high quality products. Selection of suitable farming models, good wastewater treatment in super-intensive shrimp farming. Towards closed-loop, high-tech shrimp farming models to protect the sustainable shrimp farming environment.

In 2021, the whole shrimp industry in Vietnam has set a target of 740,000 ha of brackish water shrimp farming area, an output of 930,000 tons, and an export turnover of 4 billion USD. Meanwhile, with an average growth rate of nearly 7%/year of the world shrimp industry, it is expected that by 2045, the total global shrimp production will reach 15 million tons. Vietnam can become the world's No. 1 shrimp production and processing power, accounting for 25% of the global shrimp market share with an output of nearly 4 million tons of raw shrimp, worth $20 billion by 2045.

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