FIMEX VN recovers 100% of capacity after social distancing

( By September 21, 2021, Sao Ta Food Joint Stock Company (FIMEX VN) has restored 100% of capacity after the period of social distancing. Sao Ta's shrimp prices are at a good level and the company is accelerating production to meet the needs of its partners.
 FIMEX VN recovers 100 of capacity after social distancing
FIMEX VN's cooked PDTO vannamei

Since the end of September, Sao Ta Food Joint Stock Company  has brought 100% of the workforce back to processing facilities after Vietnam eased social distancing.

Before that, all southern provinces had to implement social distancing according to Directive 16 in July, when the 4th COVID-19 epidemic was complicated and unpredictable.

Therefore, Sao Ta must maintain the operation of processing plants and farms according to the Government's "3 on-site" plan. Accordingly, workers will work and live in production facilities to isolate from the community and limit contact with sources of COVID-19 infection.

Producing "3 on-site", Sao Ta can only maintain 40% of its capacity and workforce from mid-July to mid-August 2021.

After that, Soc Trang province eased social distancing, Sao Ta gradually increased the factory capacity, reaching 80% capacity on September 16, 100% capacity on September 21.

However, strict epidemic prevention measures are still applied throughout the region to prevent the spread of SAR-CoV-2, which has seriously affected the operations of seafood businesses.

Currently, the provinces of the Mekong Delta, Soc Trang and Bac Lieu are quite successful in preventing the COVID-19 outbreak, benefiting local companies, including Sao Ta.

"The price of Sao Ta's shrimp is at a good level and the company can meet the demand for raw materials for processing plants to serve all the orders of its partners," said a representative of Sao Ta.

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