Navico plans to start the Collagen and Gelatin project in August 2021

( Navico Company is the second company that has invested in Collagen and Gelatin (C&G) factory in processing pangasius fillet. Previously, Vinh Hoan Company was quite successful with this project, which contributed 20% of profit and 10% of revenue to VHC.

Navico plans to start the Collagen and Gelatin project in August 2021

By the end of June 2021, experts representing the Korean partner-Amicogen- were present in Vietnam to work with Navico to complete the final steps of design, technical consultation and start-up of the collagen factory. , is expected to start construction in August 2021. This is also a strategic project in Navico's plan to change the structure to value-added products with high technical content.

With more than 21 years of experience in the production and processing of beauty products, the Amicogen & Navico joint venture set the ambition to provide the first C&G value added products to the Vietnamese market by 2022.

The factory with an area of ​​more than 9,600 m2 in phase 1 was built in Thot Not Industrial Park, Can Tho with a capacity of 800 tons of finished collagen and gelatin products per year, according to Korean standards, with expected investment costs. nearly $4 million.

With the current production capacity of more than 450 tons of raw materials/day, Navico's processing plant can supply a huge amount of fish skin for collagen & Gelatin production every day. Fresh fish skin is priced around 0.5 USD/kg. When producing collagen, the price of fish skin can reach 25-40 USD/kg.

At present, Navico's production and business structure includes the following segments: frozen pangasius for export, raw fish farming, aquatic feed processing, value-added product processing, by-product processing and power generation. Solar. Including the contribution of the C&G factory, the company expects the profit of the first phase of the C&G factory to be $1.5 million, contributing 10% of the group's profit.

Collagen and Gelatin processed from pangasius skin is no longer a new product for seafood processing enterprises, but not many Vietnamese seafood enterprises complete the C&G production chain, creating value-added products that can compete with longtime manufacturers from Europe, Japan, Korea,…

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