Bien Dong Seafood established clean pangasius farming area

Bien Dong Seafood Company Limited (Bien Dong seafood) is one of two enterprises in the Mekong Delta that are exports the largest pangasius volume to the US market.

At the same time, Bien Dong Seafood's products meet the food hygiene and safety standards exported to other countries such as the EU, China - Hong Kong ... thanks to application of a standard and uniform fish farming process for the whole pond farming system with hundreds of hectares.

After years of accumulating experience in pangasius farming, since 2005, Bien Dong Seafood has established a 100-hectare Pangasius farming area along the Hau River in Thot Not District (Can Tho) to Soc Trang and Tra Vinh. With 3 seafood processing factories, the total processing capacity is about 1,000 MT of  material fish per day.

At the time of increasing export market demand, the plant's material fish areas meets 40-50% of the factories' operating capacity. Therefore, the company must cooperate with external pangasius farming households with contracts of about 200 ha with terms of commitment to ensure food quality and safety.

The company exported 90% of pangasius products to the US market and the rest is exported to other countries. Hence, the requirements for quality control of products were very strict.

Through actual surveys and inspections from the past fish farming area, Bien Dong seafood proved that the company's pond area met the standards and was assessed to be similar to the US systerm. Satisfying the traceability conditions for each clear and transparent pond code helps farmers under contracts to link consumption to better control quality of pangasius material.

Currently, Bien Dong Seafood is proactively 100% self-producing and controlling fingerlings for its farming areas. High quality fish farming area with the common stocking density of 45 individuals/m2 yield 30-40 kg of commercial fish/m2. Farming in good conditions ensuring food safety and hygiene with a density of 60 individuals/m2 brings higher productivity and production.


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