Vietnam maintains as a leading exporter of processed clams to Italy

( To Vietnam, Italy is the second biggest market for bivalve mollusk in the EU. According to Vietnam General Customs, through October, bivalve mollusk exports to Italy reached US$ 10.8 million, up 4% from the same period last year. All clam products that Vietnam exported to Italy are processed (HS 160 556).

The market imported of live fresh clams from 9 countries and frozen oysters from 13 countries worldwide. Processed clams were sourced from 7 countries. Vietnam is the second biggest source of processed clam, after Turkey.

Italian spent US$ 13.087 million on processed clams. Imports from Vietnam were worth US$ 5.504 million, equivalent to 42% of total imports.

As processed clams from Vietnam brings customers better values than frozen or fresh ones, it is going to be a product that is worth buying.



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