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Vietnam is the top world producer of black tiger shrimp
June 13, 2013, 06:09 PM
(vasep.com.vn) In 2011, the total global farmed shrimp production reached 3.85 million tons, including 3 million tons of whiteleg shrimp (accounting for 78 percent of the total) and 850,000 tons of black tiger shrimp (22 percent).

Vietnam is the leading producer of black tiger shrimp in the world with a production of 300,000 tons in 2011, followed by India and Indonesia with a production of 187,900 tons and 126,200 tons respectively.

China is the first world producer of whiteleg shrimp with a production of 1.32 million tons in 2011. Thailand and Ecuador ranked in the second and third positions. The shrimp production reached 511,000 tons in Thailand and 260,000 tons in Ecuador .

Upward trend of whiteleg shrimp farming in the world

FAO data showed whiteleg shrimp production in many countries including India, Indonesia and Vietnam. Lower production costs and higher yield along with an increasing popularity thanks to its cheaper price, are the major factors that contribute to increase the production of whiteleg shrimp in the world in recent years.

The total shrimp production in China is made up by 95.6 percent (1,326 million tons) of whiteleg shrimp and almost 5 percent (60.7 thousand tons), is made up by black tiger shrimp. Thailand also produces mainly whiteleg shrimp, accounting for 99.6 percent (511 thousand tons) of the total production, 0.4 percent is black tiger shrimp (2 tons).

In the past few years, production of Indian whiteleg shrimp increased due to the expansion of farming areas. In 2009, whiteleg shrimp still accounted for a small proportion of the shrimp production structure of India. Two years after the government officially allowed to farm whiteleg shrimp on an industrial scale, the output of this species increased remarkably. FAO statistics show that in 2011, whiteleg shrimp accounted for 39.4 percent (122 thousand tons) of the total production of 309.9 thousand tons of cultivated shrimp in India.

Indian government is encouraging farmers to produce whiteleg shrimp. In last April, the country developed successfully specific pathogen free broodstock for the first time.

The project was implemented by the Rajiv Gandhi Aquaculture Centre (RGCA) in collaboration in collaboration with researchers from the Oceanic Institute, an affiliate of the Hawaii Pacific University, to meet the demand of good seed which was and still is the main factor obstructing P. vannamei production in the country.

Whiteleg shrimp production in Indonesia increased continuously since 2004 and is growing fast. In 2011, the country produced 246 thousand tons and nearly the double volume of black tiger shrimp (126 thousand tons). Indonesia now ranks 4th on whiteleg shrimp production, behind China, Thailand and Ecuador.

Vietnam takes the lead in black tiger shrimp

Vietnam also promoted whiteleg shrimp production in recent years. The country has officially allowed whiteleg shrimp farming on a large scale since 2008. In 2011, whiteleg shrimp production in Vietnam reached 187 thousand tons, accounting for 38.4 percent of the total volume of shrimp.

Black tiger shrimp is still identified as the main products in the structure of shrimp production and export of Vietnam. To keep its current leading position producing this species, Vietnam is required to ensure a stable supply, competitive prices and good quality products for global customers.

Nguyen Bich
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